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    1. What you need to know to visit the area.

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      Travel Blog

      Six respected travel writers contribute to our My Experience Grand Rapids blog, sharing their adventures in and impressions of our fair city. They write about art, food, music, family playcations and whatever else strikes their fancy.

      The blog is a great place to uncover unique story angles. We also welcome Guest Bloggers who want to share their Grand Rapids experience.


      My Experience Grand Rapids Blog

      Where to Rent Winter Gear in Grand Rapids

      From the heart of downtown to the coast of Lake Michigan, the Grand Rapids area offers all sorts of opportunities for...

      Experience GR Team
      January 13, 2021
      Warm Drinks For Cold Days in Grand Rapids

      Michiganders are crazy. Why? Because we willingly endure cold winter days for months in order to reach the invigorating...

      Matthew Makowski
      January 12, 2021
      Look Good, Stay Warm with These Small Businesses

      If there is one thing 2020 has brought, it is change. This winter season is no exception. For one thing, I’ve noticed...

      Kev Couture
      December 21, 2020
      Holiday Lights in Grand Rapids: Downtown & Around Town

      Grand Rapids was named America’s Jolliest City for the way we celebrate the holidays. Generous and friendly residents...

      Experience GR Team
      December 18, 2020
      Fun and Educational Winter Break Activities for All Ages

      Holiday school breaks are the perfect time to spend with family and friends while exploring Grand Rapids. If you want to...

      Lyndsay Daly
      December 14, 2020
      Support These Local Shops for Warm & Stylish Winter Wear

      While no one can predict exactly what this winter will look like, I think that we’re all going to need an extra dose of...

      Ashley Wierenga
      December 11, 2020
      Beer City Eats: Interview With Host Adrian Butler

      Beer City Eats is an eight-part video series launched in 2019 that follows Grand Rapids native, Adrian “AB” Butler as he...

      Jason Ley
      December 10, 2020
      Visiting Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park in the Winter

      Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park is an iconic tourist destination in Grand Rapids. When springtime hits, people...

      Brian Craig
      December 9, 2020