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    1. What you need to know to visit the area.

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      Get ready to Experience Grand Rapids

      The Experience Grand Rapids team is proud to call this community home. From the world-class attractions and outdoor recreation, to the culinary and craft beverage scene - it's an amazing place to live, work and play. Learn more about our trend-setting beer, food, art and music scenes. A wonderland of outdoor recreation and family fun. Easy to get to, easy to get around in, easy to afford. No wonder Expedia calls Grand Rapids, Michigan one of America’s Super Cool Cities.

      We're here to welcome you when you're ready to travel.

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      Culture Pass GR - See and Save!

      Save on Attractions with Our Culture Pass

      Receive admission into many cultural attractions around Grand Rapids as well as additional exclusive discounts with our $20.00 Culture Pass.

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      Friendly, accessible and cultured … aka Beer City USA, this place knows when it’s time to let loose.
      - Expedia 2017
      The Insider Experience >
      Eat, stay, and play like a local in Grand Rapids, Michigan
      Where to Rent Winter Gear in Grand Rapids

      From the heart of downtown to the coast of Lake Michigan, the Grand Rapids area offers all sorts of opportunities for...

      Experience GR Team
      January 13, 2021
      Warm Drinks For Cold Days in Grand Rapids

      Michiganders are crazy. Why? Because we willingly endure cold winter days for months in order to reach the invigorating...

      Matthew Makowski
      January 12, 2021
      Look Good, Stay Warm with These Small Businesses

      If there is one thing 2020 has brought, it is change. This winter season is no exception. For one thing, I’ve noticed...

      Kev Couture
      December 21, 2020

      A Cool City with Endless Possibilities

      What if the world was a blank canvas and our imagination the brush? We would use only the most vibrant colors, the most dramatic strokes. Creating a world of endless expression and endless possibilities. Creating a world like Grand Rapids.