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      Sean Kenney's Wild Connections Made With LEGO? Bricks

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      This fall explore the beauty and wonder of Sean Kenney's Wild Connections Made with LEGO? Bricks. This exhibit uses beautiful creations made from simple toy blocks to explore animal endangerment, the balance of ecosystems and mankind’s relationship with nature.

      Wild Connections depicts important topics that the New York artist, Sean Kenney, holds dear, from protecting an animals’ habitat, to planting a garden, or using a bike instead of a car. Wild Connections shows that just as LEGO? pieces interconnect, everything in nature is interconnected in a delicate balance.

      Most importantly, the exhibition allows visitors to appreciate both nature and the sculptures as something beautiful and inspires them to go home and create something wonderful themselves.

      Tickets go on sale Spring 2020 and will be available at grpm.org or by calling 616.929.1700. The GRPM will be hosting an Opening Party for the exhibition on Saturday, June 20. More details to come! Visit grpm.org/legos to learn more about Wild Connections.

      Sean Kenney's Wild Connections Made With LEGO? Bricks